I just want to say to anyone who sees this, you are worth much more than you think you are.


Just because you are alone right now, it does not mean that you will always be alone. It’s important that you realize that now, because you will have many nights when you are alone; learn to love those times, and you will grow.

I sometimes question my love for Christ.. And that fact that I'm even questioning if I truly love Him or not makes me seriously doubt my sincere love for Him..How does someone know for certain that they truly love Him? Because I really feel like I do...but is it enough? I want to love Him more. -mi



Hello Anon,

I think we all question our love for God sometimes, we question His will for our lives, we question the reason behind the things that happen to us, and we question whether or not He actually loves us. But when we encounter these things, we must be willing to find the answer to those questions. I think you answered your own question, you said you want to love Him more. That is one of the first steps to love, we must be wiling to go further with our actions and desires. To go before God and say “Lord, teach me to love you more. Break my heart for what breaks yours.” we will begin to understand what loving God looks like. It means becoming more like Him, it means laying aside our own selves and letting Him change us.

Love without action is not love, it is an attraction to love, but it is not love. We begin to love God when we are active in pursuing Him, in engaging a real intimacy with the most intimate; that is when He starts to reveal to us that we do love Him, and that He loves us.

Any relationship must be pursued, it must bring a two way interaction that helps build one another up. The beauty of Christ is that He is always pursuing us, that He has allowed the Spirit to live within us, daily calling us to be with Him. We cannot look at the Cross and say that God does not love us, we cannot look at the whole of the Bible and say that we have an inactive God. He is the lover of our souls, and when we begin the process of loving Him back, even if it seems small and inconsistent at first, it will bloom and grow, making others want to partake in this grand romance.

I understand that you worry about your love for God, but that is good, that means that you want to see it become something more! And beloved? You are pursuing someone who has pursued you from the start, and that is beautiful.

So go, seek God and let Him know that you are ready to go farther; and be willing to step out in this, because He will be quick to catch you and help you grow.


If Christ had the courage to be forsaken by God, should you not also have the courage to stand for God?

You cannot accept Christ without also accepting the price that comes with Him, because we are now to stand alongside the only One who lived in full pursuit of truth. Christ spoke what is right, He lived it, and He obeyed God even unto death; We must not let those around us affect the way we engage with them, because our God engaged others with love and truth, that means showing grace in all things.

How are you allowing God to shape you? How are you allowing Christ to speak through you? How are you becoming more like Christ?

These are the questions that we must be brave enough to ask ourselves, because if we shy from speaking what is true because we don’t want to lose others in our lives, then we are not actually standing with Christ, we are saying that we are while we hide behind the wall of our own self doubts. Let God tear down those walls, and let Him build you up to be a true child of God, because when we let God do that, we are letting God transform us; that transformation should ultimately make us more like Christ, so that one day, we can stand before Him and He will say to us “Well done, My good and faithful servant.” and we will have made it, into His perfect rest.

- T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via tblaberge)



We were created for intimacy.

We were created for intimacy with God first.

Even though God created Eve for Adam because “it was not good for him to be alone”, we must always remember that our needs for intimacy should be fulfilled through our relationship with God first. Otherwise we will seek…

Something I’m working on. Lead me Lord.

Something I’m working on. Lead me Lord.

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(Source: worshipgifs)

I agree, but if I have feeling for him, I think pursuing the friendship would make things more complicated.


No I fully understand, but I just mean to trust God first. If He says stay, stay. Leave? Leave. Sometimes in great hardship, we develop into better versions of ourselves and learn more about who we are or what’s best for us. God will carry you in either choice you make. Even if it’s the wrong one.

I'm afraid I will have to end my friendship with the guy.


Hmmm.. Well I guess maybe just be honest. Explain the situation to this friend and definitely pray. These situations are so, so difficult but it’s nothing God can’t make the best out of.